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Colorado Plateau Science and Management Forum (CPSMF)

The newly formed Colorado Plateau Science and Management Forum (CPSMF), an effort that is being led by the CRC Science Committee, held it’s first meeting in Grand Junction, Colorado in November 2019. The purpose of the CPSMF is to facilitate communication, collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers, resource managers, and other interest groups on the Colorado Plateau. Federal land managers and other stakeholder groups set the agenda by identifying in a pre-meeting survey the topics of climate change, ecosystem restoration, and wildlife habitat and management as topics with the most pressing need to discuss.  Overview presentations on these topics were given by scientists working on these issues across the region, which was followed by discussion and collaboration from the breakout groups. The CPSMF plans to meet biannually with plans to meet in Fall 2021.

Presentation Slides from Recent Meetings:

WIldlife Habitat Management on the Colorado Plateau

Climate Change and Natural Resource Management on the Colorado Plateau

Ecosystem Restoration


Climate Change Ledger

Ecosystem Restoration

Wildlife Habitat and Management