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Climate - Canyonlands Research Center

The climate within the area of the Canyonlands Research Center varies considerably with the various elevations and rugged topography. Annual precipitation ranges from 200 mm (~ 8 in) to over 750 mm ( ~ 30 in). Winter precipitation is largely provided by frontal storms from the north and west. Summer moisture derives mainly from monsoonal thunderstorms, which are highly variable from year to year. The site lies on the northern edge of this southerwestern monsoonal zone - a boundary that may shift in response to climate change. July is the warmest month, with average temperatures of 31° to 38° C (~ 88° to 100° F). The growing season decreases with increasing elevation and ranges from approximately 160 days along the Colorado River to less than 30 days at the top of the Abajo Mountains.

Average CLimate of the Canyonland Research Center

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