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The Canyonlands Research Center and The Nature Conservancy in Utah are grateful for the many thoughtful donors who have supported our field research station at the Dugout Ranch. We thank our benefactors for their enthusiastic support, and in particular, the exceptional generosity of those listed below:

Gifts of $500,000 and above

Enviornment Alternative Visions Arts Humanities

The Alternative Visions Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation

Gifts of $100,000 and above

The Walbridge Fund, Ltd.

Ken Sassen

Gifts of $10,000 and above

ESRR Impact Endowment

Wildlife Conservation Society - Climate Adaptation Fund

Anonymous (1)

David O. Tanner

Dan Sulzbach

Gifts of $5,000 and above


Christopher and Kirtly Jones

Jan Ellen Burton and John Burton

Gifts of $1,000 and above

Laurelyn Sayah

Kristine Crandall

Bruce Etkin and Laurel Gilbert

In-Kind Gifts

Happy Days, Moab